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This offer has met its quantity limit and is now expired. Thank you for your interest. Be on the lookout for a future exam copy offer on this title upon its final publication in October 2019. 

Offer expires on 5/9/2019 at 11:59 PM. It is non-transferable, valid in the United States only, and limited to one (1) advanced reader's edition of the forthcoming title, It Would Be Night in Caracasto 15 qualified responders to consider for course adoption. Multiple and/or incomplete entries will be deleted. This title is likely best suited for college or university-level courses.

Please note this galley copy cannot be sold or disseminated in any way, nor can it be used for quotation or excerpt as the text is not final. For quotation, and for course adoption, the final book has an on-sale date of October 15, 2019. It Would Be Night in Caracas is to be published in hardcover, and retails for $23.99, by Harper Via. If you choose to excerpt any portion of the final edition of It Would Be Night in Caracas for course inclusion, please note it is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws of the United States. Any partial use, including the use of photocopied or scanned and disseminated chapters through email or course management software, must receive publisher approval. For more information, please visit: http://www.copyright.com/academia/